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3 min readJun 8, 2023

Add multiple flags to each and every product. This Prestashop module comes with an amazing functionality with which admin can instantly set the feature of allowing the products to have different flags for each product. Customer can easily recognise products with flags as being new, used etc


  • Add Flags for products
  • Different Flag for different Product.
  • Flag text can be changed for every products.
  • Easily add CSS for each and every flag.
  • Easy to manage flags for every product
  • Can have multiple CSS for multiple flags
  • Visible flag for all individual products.
  • Easily show flags of all products at one page.
  • Can show the flags with different color
  • Can have customized CSS for multiple flags
  • Easy to allow flags with multiple products.

Youtube Demo


You can start the installation of Flags Module.

  1. Go to Back Office > Module Catalog
  2. Click Upload the module and then upload the zip file
  3. Search “Flags” in module search box then go to module and click on install.


Once the module has been installed successfully, admin need to configure the module

Live Mode: Enable or Disable the module.

Hide System Flags: Hide System default generated Flags e.g — new, discount etc.

Flag Case: Flags Text will show as added text ( Not All Letters Uppercase as system flags ).

CSS: You can add custom CSS based on custom Flags ( e.g. If you have Flags Text “used” then you can add CSS like “.used_flags_inside”

Back Office

Once the module configuration is done you can add flags ( from column left side menu )

Front Office

Once the module configuration is done and customer can easily see the products will labels/flags added from the back office


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